Angel Wing Tattoo Idea

You’ve all heard of the great Angel Wing TattooLet’s talk a bit about them today! Yes, yes, we know they are extremely common and everyone seems to have one. I mean, look at a few examples below, have you not seen these on everyone?


Angel Wing Tattoo


Back wings

Okay, you get the idea – I hope. These may be slightly common, but the reason is simple: THEY ROCK! On a more serious note, the reason behind their popularity is the fact that they ‘fit in’ really well with most people’s body and have an attractive look to them – regardless of your size, height, and weight!

Should you get one? That is a very personal decision that I unfortunately cannot make for you. However, I can definitely help you and throw out some ideas that will perhaps guide you in the right direction. Firstly, really think hard about what you want in a tattoo. Don’t just get something because everyone has it and it seems ‘cool’.

Angel Wings really are cool, but is it something you really want because you love it? Or because others have it and you just want to follow the trend? Think hard about that. Also, consider all your other options. There are thousands of other tattoos that you can get – dragons, cats, zodiac signs, famous quotes, the list goes on!

Think it out – and then finalize.

Good luck fellow tattooer (err, that is a funny word!)


Some awesomely great tattoo ideas

So, as promised, we are back with some refreshing tattoo ideas for you! Credit goes to for most of these genuine and unique concepts. Here’s a list to start off:

1. Spiders – on the neck, shoulder, or anywhere really. Make it 3D to freak people out!

2. Kittens – anywhere, look extremely cute.

3. Zodiac Signs – this is a classic; be proud of your Zodiac!

4. A heart – I say this since today is Valentine’s Day ❤

5. Butterflies – Women love this one!

6. Flowers

Although the last few are great tattoo ideas for women, I’ve seen men get them too! Don’t judge!

Alright alright, enough talking so let’s end this here and let you head down to some place nice where you can actually see some pictures – Tattoo Ideas site and here’s another great website


Let us know what you think and if you think you can do better than us, then let us know and we’ll add your ideas to our list! Get going now 🙂

Pacific Tattoo – An identity

Pacific tattoos originated from the Pacific islands where tattooing and western body art is almost a part of everyone’s daily life! This kind of art is famous in many places including Europe, New Zealand, Hawaii, Polynesian and also in some other parts of Southeast Asia. These are not just meaningless tattoo ideas for men. Instead, we can find a unique meaning from these tattoos as each one shows a meaningful journey from one’s past life! Tattoos are a huge part of their culture and as people get more and more tattoos in their body, the more respect they gain. People believe that this pacific tattoo brings an individual a social identity, origin of birth, occupation and provides a path of life. Let’s take a look at a few examples in an attempt to understand the degree of importance of tattoos to these people:

1. The full arm pacific tattoo


Here, as we can see, this man has a tattoo that covers his right arm completely. As mentioned earlier, this is not just some random tattoo design but a very meaningful and thoughtful one.

2. The tattoo family


As we can see here, this is a great example that shows the meaning of tattoos in some people’s lives. Here, as we can see, the five men have tattoos all their body. All of these have meanings and are amazing examples of great artwork!

3. Tattoo designs on paper

Amazing tattoo designs for men and women

Various meaningful tattoo designs

These are just some designs and pieces of pacific artwork that have a lot of deep thought put into it. These designs are handmade and are optimized to become great tattoos for your back or arms.

And finally, let’s end of with a video of Kat Von D talking tattoos.

So that’s it for today, we’ll be back with more tattoo designs and ideas later! Keep checking.

Over and out!